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Now that I have a new desk, I have been leaving my sewing machine out.  I have spent a little time making handmade gifts and then yesterday I finished this little swing shirt for Hadley.  It was a pattern my mother once made for me.  The fabric was an old sheet I found a while back and of course the rick rack finishes it just perfectly.  I can’t strive for perfection these days because I have many little interruptions and little helpers, ‘helping.’ But that is ok.. They will remember me making things, just like I remember my mother at her sewing machine creating something for me.  Happy Birthday Mom.

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  1. nana

    That is an adorable shirt!! Oh my gosh, so cute. And what a good seamstress you are. Any chance you could send me the real photos (meaning not over e-mail but the physical photos themselves)? I have ones of Drew and Phoebe in the piano room , and would love to have one of Hadley too! Also, did you ever put 3 pictures in that Drew frame in Hadley’s room? If not, these would be good ones!!(except I am just remembering…must they be vertical ones for that frame?)


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