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This week


This week was a bit of a juggling act.  Drew had his last week of sailing in TC and Phoebe had Shakespeare in the park out in Frankfort.  It was a busy, fun time.  Yesterday began with Drew’s sailing race on the boardman.  He had a lot fun and had a very large cheering section.  (thanks to everyone who came!)

They got all set up and then had a little briefing.

Drew finished in the middle of the pack.  We were all very impressed with this camp, the instructors and the location.  He is already looking forward to next year.  Then we were off to pick up a friend of Drew’s and we all drove out to Frankfort to play at the beach for the afternoon.  Phoebe was already out there with friends.  We met up and jumped off the pier and played in the sand.  Hadley shocked us all by jumping (about 9 feet?) off the pier.  Andy was near to catch her and she surfaced with a huge smile on her face.  I so wish I had a picture or video of that brave moment!.  Then we all headed out for a very relaxing dinner and then it was off to the play.

Good friends.

Silly girls.

Coming down to the stage for the first time.

The audience was very large.  I love this picture because I can feel her realizing that as she leaped onto the stage.

They wondered why there was always so much fighting in the world.

They ran back to their woodland home.

It wouldn’t be Shakespeare without a sword fight.

The fairies brought the injured and killed back to life.

The trap door was involved somehow, I wasn’t quite able to follow the ending.

The girls came back to sit with us.  Here is the wand Drew spent hours carving/creating for Phoebe.  He is the best big brother.

We stayed to watch the first act of the adult production.  It was the play ‘Much to do about Nothing’  We were all so amazed by this experience as well.  It was in such a beautiful location with fun, kind, vibrant performers.  Our next few weeks will be more mellow.  It is time to slow down a bit and enjoy the beaches and trails before the weather turns cooler.  This has been such a wonderful summer.


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  1. nancy gordon

    Looks just awesome & had to be so much fun. Kudos to Phoebe!

  2. nana

    I have been away; how wonderful to come home to such great photos and news! magical!

  3. Amma Wallace

    What wonderful memories for you and your children! Love the pictures!!


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