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Speaking of Sewing


In the big power outage of 2012 we had a bit of fire damage.  A hot coal fell (jumped?) out of our fireplace and landed on our duvet covers.  It smoldered through ours and stopped when it reached Phoebe’s cover.  We lost my favorite duvet cover and down blanket.  In the big picture it did not matter because we could have lost our whole house.  We replaced our comforter and were able to patch Phoebe’s to make due.  But, today I had an idea.  I had an old cover tucked away in our linen closet.. it was purple.. and king sized.  It took me all of ten minutes to cut off a bit and sew it up.  Now Phoebe has a new cover.  The simple things just thrill me.  It is perfect for jumping on (see above wrinkles) and hopefully perfect for sleeping.

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  1. nana

    I remember that purple cover! A really pretty shade. I bet Phoebe is as pleased as punch!
    I had forgotten about that hot coal..Oh my gosh you were so lucky! I guess from now on nothing easily flammable gets left near the fireplace in case of jumping coals!
    What duvet cover did you put on your bed to replace the burned one? Did you have another old kingsized one(maybe a summer one) or did you get a new one?
    That is a cute new stuffed animal Phoebe has, the bunny. I don’t remember seeing that one before.


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