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Right Now:

I am sitting listening to Ani D’s new album while Hadley plays with marbles.  I should be cooking dinner.

Marbles are all over my house, the cats love them almost as much as the children.  Andy and I both remember going through a marble phase, this is cute.

We have been skiing a lot.  Hadley is enamored by Phoebe’s friend in the photo, it doesn’t hurt that she thinks her name is Mary ‘Cake’ (Kate).

Hadley is growing wings in her hair and her face is changing.  She is really starting to have her own big girl look.

We went ice skating with friends today.  Great fun.

We have an unusually easy week with only two days of planned skiing.  This is just what I needed.  We don’t even have a race this weekend.  We will probably go cheer on a friend of Drew’s who plays hockey on Sunday.

Hadley just brought me my slippers.  I’m feeling pretty pampered.  Thanks Babe.

Did I mention that I got a new computer for Christmas?  It makes me feel very computer savvy… I hope this holds while I try to reorganize all of our photos over to flickr in the next few weeks

I have coconut kefir brewing on my counter and fresh bok choi juice in the fridge.  I think I just got inspired to make kefir pancakes for dinner.  yum!

I’ll be back in a little bit to put up a little knitting




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  1. nana

    Hurray the blog is back! With so many great photos! Hadley does look different; her hair has grown! And she is skiing with the harness now? yikes!


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