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Eric Daigh


Today we had an awesome opportunity to have a private show with an artist at the Dennos Museum.  Eric Daigh is from Traverse city and coincidentlly graduated the same year as I and then went on to college in Missoula, Montana.  He is now showing his work all over the country.  He primarily works with push pins and sometimes other forms of mosaics.  Our homeschool group went to see his work, and the work of other local TC area artists that were also there on display.  They split us up into groups and we had a pretty formal tour of the exhibits.   We then worked on an art project with Eric’s techniques in mind.  This was something new for my children.  Being in the museum on a guided tour had a very studious tone.  I was very taken by how well our group of children received this experience.  I overheard Eric say a few times and in a few different ways how refreshing our group was as compared to the school groups he had recently worked with.  Our children were very thoughtful, not just in the sense of being kind, but in the sense that they put thought into answering his questions and also asking their own questions.  It was one of those affirming days. Even though we are making alternative choices for our children, they are thriving.

We learned that Eric only uses 5 different colors of push pins.  Red, blue, yellow, white and black.  I was amazed by how different the pieces looked from far away as compared to how they looked up close.  Eric said he loves to find art in simplicity, to take something that one would not consider to have beauty or an artistic shape/consistency and turn it into art.  He also had some work with tape on display, it was unique as well.   I am so glad we had this experience and thankful to have this great little museum in our town.  Hopefully we can do this again with other future exhibits.

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  1. nana

    I’d like to go to that museum! I love the kid’s pics!


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