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Dance Class



I love Tuesdays.  Drew and Phoebe get to head off into the wild in a program that they love and I get to bring this little one to her new favorite spot.  Dance class.  She dances in the grocery store, the car, the bathtub, the woods, and pretty much everywhere else.  When I asked her if she would like a class of her own this fall (gymnastics? art? tennis? …. )  You can guess what she chose, I’m sure.  These little classes, tap and creative movement, are just perfect for her.  The teacher is so kind and it is adorable to watch her and the four other girls each Tuesday.  In the last photo she was just telling me that I needed to step back, that she needed to close the door, and that I was not allowed to come in.  That’s fine babe, it is all for you.

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  1. nana

    She is so cute I can hardly stand it! What joy! wonderful photos =)

  2. nancy gordon

    Welcome back, I missed you all. Photos are awesome, just like the kids! Please keep it going! xoxoxoxo Amma


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