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I have been inspired by this book and this book for the coming year.  Up until now our craft supplies have never had a very good home.  They have shifted from bins to closets to chests and then back again.  These books talk a lot about having supplies out and ready for use.  I found this shelf and knew it would be perfect.  We hung it in our room above one of my desks, and it will do.  I am not completely happy that it is in our bedroom… but it is very accessible for the kids and they are taking full advantage of the supplies now.   Phoebe woke me today by asking for four google eyes and the wool… In a perfect world we would have a room devoted to only crafts and books… and I am tempted to rearrange the whole house to make our second level that particular space.  But, I can hear Andy groaning all the way from his office as I write that.  On this very rainy day there are four projects in different stages and I am so very pleased to see such creative minds at work.

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  1. nana

    That is so cool!

  2. Zane

    I agree: so cool. Makes me want to go downstairs into the basement and drag up a shelf I’ve been waiting to repurpose. Can I come over and take a look at yours sometime?

    As always, you inspire me by getting right to a project that you have in mind (instead of just dreaming about it. . . !) Thanks for sharing, Megan.


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