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While I have been away from this space we have been having a wonderful, albeit extended, winter season.  Hadley has been enjoying her dancing and a few fun art classes.  She is just a joy to be around these days.  We are working to eliminate naps and that is going pretty well.  She is gearing up for her dance performance in May and wishes she could do dance every day of the week.  She will be starting her first tennis class in a few weeks with a friend, and this seems pretty unreal.  But, Phoebe started when she was three, so it seems fitting.  This winter Hadley learned to ski like a pro.  She can pretty much go anywhere on Michigan hills.  She even did her first race on a black diamond run at Caberfae a few weeks ago.  Time flies and our baby is growing up.

Phoebe has been having a lot of fun with good friends this winter.  Tonight she went to a father-daughter dance and came home beaming.  She had a wonderful ski season and is doing a lot of tennis this spring.  She has been choosing a lot of her own schoolwork this winter and she has been learning about many animals.  Her math ability is exploding and I am so grateful for this because we started out pretty shaky last fall.  She is such a helper and loves doing dishes and cooking.  I have been helping her cook a few things lately and she loves being in the kitchen.

Drew got to build a boat this winter.  He was a part of an amazing group in Suttons Bay that builds optimists for TACS, the sailing school in Traverse City.  It was a wonderful program and he will be learning to sail again this summer, possibly in this boat!  We have been reading a lot of norse and finnish mythology.  He loves it.  I was able to set up a day for Drew to go with a friend to an iron forge.  He had a blast and made a really cool iron hook.  Drew also had a great ski season and his reading is taking off.  He is very excited about baseball starting next week, so lets hope we lose our snow soon.

So , that was the winter catch up.  I do hope to post more, but as my winter winds down spring is hopefully arriving soon and that means I’ll be out a lot on my paddleboard, getting ready for my summer races.  I have been out once this year already and I cant wait for some warmer days.

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