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When someone asks me how things are going, my standard response is typically ‘busy.’  Take today for instance; I woke up early to do an insanity video (I am officially on the program and have lost 11 lbs, yea) then we made breakfast, I put in a load of sheets, showered and we did our morning school work.  Today we learned about cells, symmetry of the human body and some form drawings, and then a bit of the digestive system.  Then, we were off to Howe Arena to ice skate with our homeschool group.  It was so much fun.  Hadley did so well and insisted on being on her own.  Andy even stopped by to skate with us.  Then we were home for lunch and for Hadley to have a power nap.  I squared away a few donations for the ski team dinner and made a few appointments.  Then I had to pull Hadley out of her warm bed to head back into town for our orthodontist appointments.  We got the good news that Drew most likely will not need treatment.  Phoebe will, but probably not until she is 11 or 12 or so.  Hadley is an unknown, and she was happy to be there and chatted excitedly with everyone.  Then it was off to target for a few household things, and then we met the beef lady to buy bulk, grass fed beef.  We were home by five and thankfully I had leftovers ready for dinner.  Drew wrote up a few thank-you notes and we built a fire and read stories. I set up a last minute play-date for Phoebe for tomorrow.  Nature school has been rescheduled this week due to high winds and she will go to a friend’s house while Drew and I bring Hadley to dance in the morning.  Phew.  This is a typical day.  Busy, right.  But busy does not truly convey our days, it has a bit of a negative connotation to it.  I don’t want to be that exasperated mom who is frazzled most of the time.  I really hope I am not.  Today, now that all of our trees have dropped their leaves, I can see the sunset again through our front windows.  I felt so content as I washed up from dinner.  Content will now be my new stock ‘busy’ response.  We are, and have been, content.

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  1. nana

    I love, love, love hearing about your busy, contented, days of gratitude!


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