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I already knit up a hat for Andy, it came together very well.   He left it up at his office so I could not get a picture of it.  Here is one I have started for Phoebe with the same pattern.  I will decrease it differently than the pattern though, to make it more feminine.  I really like this pattern, it is tricky with the provisional cast on, but being that it is essentially double knit, it will be very warm.   I have been knitting with the yarn in my basket, nothing new.  Both hats have been knit with some type of wool… not cashmere like the pattern says.  I think I will cast on for a tunic/dress for Hadley next.  I loved how that blue yarn looked on her and I have so much of it.  I am not really reading anything right now, Drew and I are reading The Invention of Hugo Caberet and it is truly an amazing book.  I have to stop myself from reading ahead when he is sleeping.  Anyone have any good recommendations for a new book for me?

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  1. I love the yarn colors! Is that yarn self striping or is it just different yarns? Thanks for sharing.


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