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I finished the overalls and moved on to making a knitted elephant.  I also just finished this little profound book.  I heard it is also a movie, but after finishing the book I do not think I am up for the movie.  I would however completely recommend the book, especially if you do not already know the ending.


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  1. Jarka

    I’ve read the book and also saw the movie but didn’t like the movie very much….book is definitely better.
    …oooh pink elephant! it will be so cute!

  2. Angela

    I love knitted animals. I have heard of the movie. I am almost afraid to read the book-tears flow very freely these days.

  3. Kudos for knitting animals – I can’t seem to do that. This pink elephant will be cute.

    Stopping in from Yarn Along. My link is:

  4. Jen

    Ironically, all I saw of the movie was the ending. Very, very sad.

  5. Nana

    I just read the responses to the blog…does it really have a sad ending? I would like to read it but not sure I’m up for a sad ending. I like that pink yarn!!


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