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The past three days


I finished Hadley’s overalls!

She does not like them… they are a bit big and hot, but they should be perfect for fall.  She did humor me and wear them for a little while on Thursday.  This was the last day of tennis camp for Drew and Phoebe.

This was the wettest camp session they have ever had (in the last 35 years!) and the final day was again inside, thankfully they had a big gym to use that day.  Drew took home camp champ for his group this year, things like that always make a mama proud.  I really liked how his coach said Drew was not necessarily the best player in the group, but he always tried his hardest and cheered others on.

We spent the rest of that rainy afternoon home making good things to eat.   I tried this recipe (minus the brown sugar… it was plenty sweet with just the honey… and I added in ground flax and dried cherries) The kids liked helping me push in a few chocolate chips as it was cooling.  It was really cute to watch them sneak a few and to think I was not watching.

Today we had a beautiful sunny day and we decided to go down to the farmers market.  We gave the kids a 10$ bill and told them they needed to buy a vegetable for all of us for dinner (one that they would in fact eat themselves) and then they could split the money after that and spend it however they liked.

They chose broccoli and the man even had Drew calculate the change.. 7$.  Drew quickly figured out they each had 3.50$ left to spend. They chose to buy cupcakes for themselves and then save the rest.

Then we were off to the nature center for their family day.  We arrived just in time to learn about raptors from a woman from wings of wonder.

It has been a great weekend so far.  Tomorrow there is an ice cream social at the community sailing center and also something called ‘log cabin days’ out at the old mission lighthouse.  We are definitely keeping busy with all of these great things to do here in our little community.

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  1. Nana

    The blogaholic is in bliss! many great photos and good stories of what you have been up to! Thank you!!
    Congrats to Drew!!! That is wonderful that he got the champ award, and for all the right reasons too. Andy often got the award for most improved, or worked hardest, something along those lines. I was always proud too, because it spoke more about his fine character than his actual ability. I love the shopping challenge you gave the kids, and that concoction you made where you put chips in at the end looks so yummy!


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