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I know you are all getting tired of the overalls.. I am too! I had to pull out a few rows last week and I procrastinated.. but now I am really trying to get them done.  I am pretty close to being able to cast off the sides and then it does get complicated… But I think I have the brainpower as Hadley is officially and all night sleeper… yea!
And this little book is funny.. It really does not apply to my girls, they have not been sucked into the princess culture (yet?) but I still can not stop reading it. Hope you are all having a good week!

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  1. Jarka

    the book looks like fun reading :D
    good luck with finishing your project :) it’s a lovely shade of red! just keep knitting :)

  2. Zane

    I can’t wait to talk to you about that book. Whatever inspired you to pick that up?

    I’m also looking forward to seeing those overalls!

  3. nana

    I will never tire of seeing your knitting! I am familiar with that author but not that book. She writes about girl’s development doesn’t she? That is wonderful news about Hadley sleeping through the night!! Now, if you could just get Andy to stop snoring…=).


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