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Walking the line


I have been struggling lately with what I should do with Phoebe for next year. She is right on the line of kindy and first grade. If I went by strictly age (with a waldorf grading system in mind) she would remain in kindy for the whole next year. A waldorf school likes children to have experienced 7 springs before the introduction of academics. Special consideration is typically given to children with June and July birthdays, but an August child would always be held until the next year. Now, if I went by other signs of readiness like loss of teeth, midline coordination, development of memory, a desire to learn and write, ability to sit and concentrate on a task, she is right there and ready. I know I do not need to decide now, but I am starting to put thought into the fall and each day I think a different thought. Yes, she is definitely ready.. No, I want to give her more time, more time in her body, out of her head. I think it is such a hard line to walk, not to push forward too much, yet not hold her back from something that will inspire her. I guess I will just continue walking it with her until we know together. I am ever grateful she will walk this line with me.

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  1. Zane

    This is such a sweet and thoughtful post, Megan. How very wonderful it is that Phoebe has such an observant, patient mother to walk along side her.

  2. nana

    Yes, I think you will know. She will be your guide, and you will neither push her before she is ready, nor stop her from exploring what she is ready to delve into. I think especially as a homeschooler, you don’t need to follow any strict guidelines of grade or age!


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