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Last day of wilderness school


Yesterday was the last day of wilderness school. It was a bittersweet day. We ended with a potluck and a few fun games. I am so thankful for this group of people in our community.

We are already looking forward to fall and I hope to have Phoebe join in for that session. They are also offering a few great activities this summer, and we will participate when we can. Here is their last note about the last day. I wish I would have saved them all..


We had another amazing day together, bitter sweet though, as it was our last for the spring.   We began the day with some great run around games as usual.  We than gathered up with a favorite song and went around the circle to share something new we have noticed in nature.  Afterward we gathered up for a snack and story under the big tree and  John Michael enchanted us all with some great tales from his travels in Africa.  He focused his stories on bird language so after we were all tuned into the birds when we headed into the woods.

We took an exploratory wander, studying the newly sprouted plants, the new tree leaves, listening to birds, and exploring the creek.  We wound up in the cedar grove where we stumbled into a bunch of owl pellets!  It was awesome and soon everyone was in gloves and pulling apart the pellets revealing many mysterious bones, skulls, and claws.  WHOA…really cool.  After this incredible find we took some time to have a solo sit spot to observe deeply what was happening around us.

The next piece of our day was a water walk challenge.  Students received a cup which they filled to the brim with spring water and were instructed to carry the water along a moderately challenging trail without spilling a drop.  Unannounced to them there were objects and people hidden all along the trail to test their awareness and movement skills.  After the walk we revealed the hidden objects and discussed the ability to be dynamically aware.  We learned that if we are too focused we may miss much of the beauty in life and that it is better to vary our vision to balance ourselves with self awareness, task awareness, and external awareness.

After this we demonstrated the deep interconnectedness that ourselves and our classmates have developed over time by passing yarn and testing the ebb and flow of changing  conditions.  Then it was time to wander back, we played a few games and then the potluck.  At the potluck we sang a song together, shared some stories, hung out, and ate good food together…it was great and we wrapped with an epic game of “who’s got the peanut”.

I wish to truly express much gratitude to all of you parents and the kids for making these classes possible.  We feel so happy to do this work and share our love of nature and we feel honored to be mentoring such awesome kids and be working with such incredible families!  Thank You all Very Much.

A final note is that we are creating HumaNature School t-shirts that we had hoped would be done before today so we could get them to you all, but they will be done soon.  We want to make these shirts available to students of our weekly sessions for just $5 dollars (cost) a shirt and we will be selling them to others for a little bit more.  So we will let you all know soon details.

We are REALLY going to miss seeing you all each week AND we hope to see you while out and about this summer or at programs.

many blessings,
Matt, Kriya, John Michael, and Chelsea

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  1. Nana

    That wilderness school sounds awesome! And I spotted Hadley in the photo too! Thanks for sharing!


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