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I have taken out a few of my drawing books to look through again. I am thinking we might end this year with a form drawing block– that is how we started the year (and I did not do much in-between) so it seems fitting. I have also started on these for Hadley.. Oh my I think this is the cutest knitting pattern ever!!  I chose yarn in the same color as her two current favorite foods… strawbubies and atachup.  She has even been known to eat them together.
In other news — Drew and Phoebe are currently outside sledding in the foot of snow that fell last night. Phoebe is pretty worried the Easter bunny won’t find his way.. and honestly, so am I!

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  1. jess

    `That book about drawing with your 4-11 year old looks interesting. Are you liking it?

  2. I love the atachup colored yarn. :) I’d be worried about the Easter bunny, too.

    Stopping in from yarn along. My link is

  3. Megan Humphrey

    yes very much. it is simple and helpful.

  4. Those dungarees are so gorgeous, I’d love to be able to actually knit to make them!! The books sound really interesting- I love the Waldorf books XX


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