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We stayed home today and just messed about. Andy took my car in to get the snow tires taken off so we were stuck here, which is never a bad thing. We read more of the story of Gandhi and we even made a traditional Indian meal of aloo mutter, which everyone loved. I am enjoying learning more about Gandhi and about India. I guess that is a perk of homeschooling.

Drew is not as excited about this block as he was when we studied Martin Luther King. But he does still seem to enjoy it and I have a feeling the last chapter will make quite an impression on him. After this we will do a few weeks of math and then I am not sure if we will do one more sage story (probably we will) or just let things slide into summer. I guess that is yet another perk of homeschooling. Tomorrow Drew has wilderness school and there is talk of a foot of snow in the forecast. Summer does seem quite a ways off with that in mind!

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