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Bunny love


I finished this little knitted bunny this morning. It is a very rainy day and I am excited to have an excuse not to wash my windows… I guess I will just have to knit instead!  Andy is off working on Ecomowers and we are having a lazy day at home.

I think Hadley approves of her new toy.  Sorry for the blur… she kept jumping it around.   She has been so sweet lately.  She even thanked Andy when he gave her a hug this morning as he was off to the warehouse.  Well, now I think I am going to start on some legwarmers, and maybe some soup.  This is my kind of day!

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  1. nana

    That is such a sweet bunny! And I love the color too!

  2. Coming from Yarn Along and reading through your blog! That is just the cutest rabbit ever!!!!


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