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Snowed in!!


The wind is ripping by at 40/50mph, there are four foot drifts in the driveway (over the hood of my jeep), the older children only last a few minutes every time they try to go outside. I’d say we are snowed in today! I love snowstorms.. and while I would rather we had a little more food on hand, we will still have a grand time today.

Acting out the book ‘Caps for Sale’

Spinning in the chair

Playing the guitar we found under the bed! Drew has already successfully taught me how to play twinkle twinkle little star

And munching on the good food we do have here .. we will not starve… we have the staples, I am just craving a garlicky warm soup or something similar to accompany this snowstorm. We also have many stories, a deck of cards, pattern blocks, a warm bath and possibly even a nap planned into our day. Tomorrow we will ski. That will be awesome!

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