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Its monday again


Funny how the weeks can pass so quickly. Saturday morning I went out to knit at a local knitting store. It was so nice to sit for an hour or so and have a little time with adults. Drew’s sweater is coming along so well. I really can not believe I am knitting a sweater– and it is not hard!

Here it is as of yesterday.. But since then I have finished that sleeve and started on the other. Saturday afternoon Andy took the kids skiing and he had a cranky Phoebe.. It seems she was sick because Sunday morning she woke up sick to her stomach. She spent all of yesterday bundled up on the couch. When Phoebe is sick she is very quiet. It was such a sad day without her little voice and body bouncing around. Thankfully today she is almost back to herself. There is not much bouncing but at least she is talking!
Today we started working with a new style of handwriting for Drew. This book is very nice and I love the script. Drew said he is excited to make letters with “all the flowing loops”

I also made up these letter cards to have out and available while practicing our letters.

Since we were home all day we also tackled an artsy project. I saw a website once where they had turned old wool sweaters into cat beds. We happened to have two beautiful wool sweaters that both Drew and Phoebe would not wear… too itchy unfortunately. So we sewed them up and stuffed them and voilĂ  … A very happy and lucky kitty.

I also salvaged the buttons from the sweaters to use on the sweater I am knitting for Drew (and other projects I have in line).
Now we are settling in for dinner, I made a very garlicy chicken soup. Hopefully it will help Phoebe get all better and help the rest of us stay well!

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  1. The sweater and kitty beds are great looking projects!! Could I take a look at the handwriting book some time? I love the look of the letters and one of Alex’s favorite things this year has been learning cursive. I think he would enjoy trying another script as well. I hope you all feel good enough for gym day tomorrow, we’re sending lots of healing thoughts Phoebe’s way.

  2. Andy

    Love the sweater


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