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This week


We have slowed down this week. We have been home and crafting and reading and knitting. This week we have been reading stories of St Lucia.

This is a beautiful story. We also read another story from the Seven Year Old Wonder Book and one from a book called Finnish Folk Tales. We are learning this very simple poem this week

And we are crafting like little elves! Handmade almond soap

And wool braided trivets

And of course we are doing fun things like finding our belly buttons

And decorating our tree

Tomorrow we all go to the dentist. Phoebe is brushing her teeth over and over right now. Hopefully we all get a good report tomorrow!

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  1. nana

    So many wonderful photos! Of course Haddie steals the show…finding her button! She is too darn cute!

  2. I love the trivet idea! That will be a great handiwork project for my 6 year old. Thanks!

  3. nana

    It looks like you have a lovely wreath over the mantel too!

  4. Love the simplicity of your week.


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