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Yesterday Drew sat down next to me and sweetly asked if he could have a new knitting project. And, well.. He did not have to twist my arm to go to the knitting store. :)

He chose a beautiful skein and he wants to start on our family blanket. I read somewhere about a family all knitting squares out of mismatched and scrap yarn and building a beautiful patchwork style blanket. I love this idea and I am so happy Drew is starting on the first square.

Today we attempted (with great success!) to make beeswax lanterns. These were very fun, especially when it came time to pop the water balloons

The holiday crafting has begun!

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  1. nana

    I wish Drew had thought of that when I was there! I would love to see your yarn store! Maybe next visit. I think my favorite afghan that i made was the one of squares i made for Dan. Who is going to make the squares for your family afghan? Could i make a Nana square to go in it?! The beeswax lanterns look fabulous!

  2. Ok, wait! You need to post either directions or a link to directions for those lanterns, that looks SO COOL, we want to try it!


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