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For the love of food


I am so full I can barely type this post. Some days I am completely uninspired to make dinner. But not today. Our garden is thriving right now, especially with all of the great water from our rain barrel. Andy has it all set up with drip irrigation– I just have to turn a nob and let it run for about thirty minutes a day– if it has not rained that day. It is also great because the barrel is above the garden so it can just run with gravity.. no pump needed. We picked fresh basil from our garden to put on a homemade (grilled!) pizza.

It has basil, tomatoes, garlic scapes, chicken and fresh mozzarella. Yum.

And these berries. Oh the strawberries! They are in season. I do not think there is anything so good as fresh local organic strawberries. I have eaten so many that now my mouth is sore. I bought a flat today at the farmers market. I put about half of them in the freezer for smoothies, and I made these bars

Strawberry lemonade bars. They taste like a sugar coated summer night. I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.. once I have recovered from this food coma.

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  1. oh, that pizza looks so yummy!
    where does one get a rain barrel? We need one!


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