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Those Chickens


Last year I bought this great chicken/egg/egg beater fabric and I planned on making some cute little summer outfit for Phoebe. But, when I got it out she said “I’m not gonna wear those chickens” — so I put it away and forgot about it. This year I stumbled on a cute dress pattern and I bought a little fabric to make it up… Well, Phoebe came to watch and she started to dig through my fabric and she found those chickens. And she exclaimed “I love those chickens!! Can you make my dress out of that??”  Sure Phoebe

I think it turned out pretty cute. And while we were at it I made her a new pair of pants– that girl burns through pants in record time!

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  1. very cute. nice work!

  2. nana

    I love those chickens; I love that Phoebe girl! (and great job sewing Mama!)


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