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New Years Eve


We had a rough start today. Andy was supposed to have a big treekeeper delivery today so he was up at the warehouse. Drew had a sledding and swimming party with his swim team from 11-3. Both he and Phoebe were very excited about going to it. I knew it was going to be difficult– getting everyone ready for cold weather play– packing a lunch— and then getting everyone ready to swim– and then getting them home. You should have seen the load of STUFF I had to pack into the car. Sleds, winter gear, lunch, towels, goggles (swim and ski mind you) and I just knew Haddie was going to have her weekly huge poo blowout while we were there — so diapers and a change of clothes for her was necessary. It was absurd. And even though I dressed Haddie in about ten layers the wind was still too cold for babies so she was very upset — and since I could not see the kids from the car I did not feel too comfortable leaving them there to sled while I tried to warm up Haddie (plus the families we were hoping to see were not there) so Drew and Phoebe were pretty bummed to have to leave the sledding hill early.
Once it was time to swim it was better– Hadley was happy to be inside and warm and both Drew and Phoebe had a lot of fun in the pool.

Then when it was time to go I somehow wrangled everything into the back of my car (including all three kids) and we came home. Phew. And all the while Andy was waiting for this big shipment that never came! Seems something happened to the truck and hopefully it will now come on Saturday.
I was planning on cooking a real dinner but instead I was happy to be able to open a few cans of soup and say ‘voilĂ !’.
But we did do chocolate fondue. Our new, new years eve tradition. It was yummy.

Plate licking yummy

Haddie really wanted to dip her pretzle in too

Next year baby. Now I am sitting by the fire with my sleeping babe. I really should go unload the car but I am not going to. I think I will save it for next year.

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  1. nana

    I am so glad this day had a happy ending! I like the way you have swirling words now in the side margin of your blog!


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